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Established in August 2009, upper Adams County, Wheatland Computer Services offers its customers various services to assist with their computer repair and service needs.

Wheatland Computer Services offers a computer tune-up service, hardware & software repair, website design & hosting, and all around computer services. Do not be so frustrated with your computer that you throw it out the window! Contact Wheatland Computer Services and we will save you the cost of a new computer and a new window!

Three easy ways to meet your technology needs:

  • Remote Support: Download a small piece of software and run it. I will provide a session key to you and I can then remotely work on your computer without the inconvenience of having to bring your computer in.
  • Onsite Visit: I can travel to your location to work on network, printer issues, internet issues, or any other issue. We can talk and see if this is the best solution for your circumstances.
  • Office Visit: We can schedule an office visit (208 N Division St, Ritzville - Bob's TV / Radio Shack). Mostly for consulting purposes or for quick fixes.

Four easy ways to setup an appointment or make contact:

What can Wheatland Computer Services do for you?

CitrixRemote Support

Is the drive too far to get to a computer service location? Do you just need a quick repair? Are you tired of using unnecessary gas money and time to get your computer fixed? We offer secure remote support. Most software related issues can be fixed via a secure remote session and you never have to leave your home or office.

Computer MonitorHardware & Software Repair

Sitting at the library computer reading this webpage because your computer isn't working right? Hard drive making a loud noise? Need help setting up an email account? Need a new sound card installed? Forgot a windows password?

Computer CPRComputer Tune-Up

Your computer running realllly sloooowww? Start-up or shutdown errors? Internet connection slower than normal? Is your computer infected by a virus?

Data RecoveryData Recovery

Did you hard drive crash and you think you lost your pictures, documents, and email files? No worries. In some cases, they can be fairly simple to recover. Bought a new computer and want to move your data from your old computer?

Home/Small Business NetworkingHome & Small Business Networking

Want a home network or have all your computers at your business see each other? Want to share a printer? Want to share files and folders between computers? Do you need wireless internet throughout your office or home?

General ServicesGeneral Computer Services

Nothing wrong with your computer but you want to upgrade your hardrive or memory? Want help archiving your family photos? Need a movie made with photos and video from your last family vacation?

Website DevelopmentWebsite Development

Want to make your presence known on the internet? Already have a website that needs to be updated? Do not know how to make a professional website or where to put it?


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Remote Support

“Jason has done a fabulous job with the WSPTA website. His responsiveness to our needs and innovative updates to the site has truly made our site one of the best State Trooper Association sites in the nation.”
- Tom Pillow,
former WSPTA President

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