Commodore VIC-20

The owner, Jason Kiel, has been working on computers for over three decades. His first computer was a Commodore VIC-20. With his friends, he would stay up all night programming the computer to change screen colors and so forth.

Since then, Jason can not think of a computer that he has come across that he could not fix or diagnose. This skill paid off when he was employed by a software company, called GraphiCode, in the shipping department. Within a year, Jason had been given shared company technical support responsibilites. His job was to fix all of the computers and server when things broke...even the software engineers computers.

During this time, he was also given some responsibility to assist in programing scripts for the software product that the company sold world wide as well as develop for an internal software product. During this same time, Jason obtained his associates of arts and sciences degree with an emphasis in computer engineering.

Ask Jason which articles of clothing match and he will look at you with a blank look BUT ask him about RAM, megabytes, gigabytes, and software and you have got him hooked!

Over the years, Jason has been approached many, many times with other people's computer problems. Usually they are easily resolved and the people are happy to have their connection to the outside world restored again. Jason had an experience within the past couple of years. Someone told him about a computer problem that they were having. He told them that within a couple of hours he could get their computer working again...just like new. They were insistent that they needed a new computer. He was insistent that they did not. Well...Jason lost the debate and they bought a new computer for over $1000. They then asked Jason if he wanted the old 'junk' computer. Of course he took it and...within a couple of hours and...a minimal hardware upgrade it turned out to be the best computer he has ever owned.

Sometimes computers cannot be fixed but many times, the slow, sluggish computer that you are no longer enjoying can be revitalized for much less than the cost of a new system!

Then there is this story in which Jason hacked into some software and modified it for his work groups use before anyone in the entire work place had access to it for another year...well that's another story for another time ;-)

For years, others have recognized Jason's abilities, and have encouraged him to start a company, offering up his services. After many years of badgering, Jason decided to put the rubber to the road and start Wheatland Computer Services.

His main goal is to reach out to the community and relieve the frustration of many computer users. Jason's desire is to be a dependable, professional, and honest resource to those who do not understand the jargin or the technical aspects of a personal computer. Most people just want to turn the power on with the expectation that it is supposed to work right.

Wheatland Computer Services is bringing happiness to one computer owner at a time!


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“Jason has done a fabulous job with the WSPTA website. His responsiveness to our needs and innovative updates to the site has truly made our site one of the best State Trooper Association sites in the nation.”
- Tom Pillow,
WSPTA President