Is the drive too far to get to a computer service location? Do you just need a quick repair? Are you tired of using unnecessary gas money and time to get your computer fixed? Wheatland Computer Services offers remote support. Most software related issues can be fixed via a secure remote session and you never have to leave your home or office.

I am using a new tool that will make it simpler than ever for me to remotely connect and make repairs. I am looking to reach out to the greater Ritzville area and surrounding communities (i.e. Lind, Odessa, Sprague, Harrington, etc.) to offer easy, dependable repair service. Do you have family members that live outside the area, anywhere in the USA, and are in need of computer service but they do not have someone they can trust? I can service them as well over the phone and with a secure remote connection.

You don't have to do much. Just follow the below simple steps and your computer can be repaired while you relax comfortably in your easy chair.

And don't worry...after the support connection is released, I no longer have access to your computer until you invite me to have access again.

If you are not sure on how this works, go to the help page to see step-by-steps instructions on how to allow Wheatland Computer Services to gain remote access to your computer.

*** WARNING *** Many scammers will attempt to gain remote access to your computer. If the invitation came not allow remote access from other companies.


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