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Computers are kind of like combines. Sometimes they just break for unknown reasons and usually when you need them most. If your computer, like a combine, is not given routine proper maitenance, it will not work properly when you need it and it will not last as long.

Do you:

With routine daily use, computers often become infected with spyware, adware, malware, or viruses. Sometimes the problems you are having might be a quick fix. Sometimes it may be more involved. These items will cause your computer to crash, work slowly, and to not operate correctly!

Some people feel they need a new computer. It is unlikely that you need a new computer! For much less than the cost of a new computer, Wheatland Computer Services can get your system working like new!

Wheatland Computer Services Computer tune-up includes:

If not software releated, slow computer performance may also be a hardware problem. Defective memory, a hard drive on the verge of crashing, a CPU overheating, or other various problems can be the cause for poor performace!

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“I was so frustated with my computer but WCS cleaned it up and it is so much faster now! Thanks Jason!”
- D. Green,
Elmer City, WA
~ PC Tune-Up Customer ~