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Computers contain mechanical devices. One of the most important is the hard drive. The hard drive is similar to a closet in a home. Its main purpose is to store all of the data that you would like to view and use at a future your closet holds clothes. Hard drives do fail...more often than you think. It sometimes can give you warning signs and other times it can be instant.

There are two types of failures that I classify...logical and mechanical. More times than not, I can recover data from a logical failure. When the hard drive still powers up and spins but Windows will no longer see the drive is a common issue. No worries...many time times I can retrieve the data.

Mechanical or catastrophic failures are much trickier and require the drive to be sent off to an outside data recovery lab. This can be time consuming and very expensive...100s or 1000s of dollars.

Most times, because technology changes so fast, the computer is really not what is most valuable. What is actually most valuable is the data itself. Family pictures, email data, documents, etc. can be lost in an instant. I would highly recommend having a back-up of your data in case there is an emergency. Read my post on a good, solid data back-up plan.

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“I was so frustated with my computer but WCS cleaned it up and it is so much faster now! Thanks Jason!”
- D. Green,
Elmer City, WA
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